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First Post! (jk ...on)

So this is my first Live Journal entry. Here's how I got here:

    Phil (codetoad) told me about it YEARS ago, when the whole project was still pretty much in beta (from what i understood... err, didn't quite understand, rather). I kept on procrastinating on it, back when the idea sounded cool, and forgot all about it. Eventually, I began writing my own little online journal / diary entries in order to save mailbox space as crystal and I wrote stories back and forth, about our day at school, and any sort of intresting events that happened (her's were ALWAYS a lot more intresting... to say the least, **Ahem**). Ya, I did that on Robert's server (cswallow's brother) straight in vim, which was cool, simple, effective. The messages would get posted online just as I typed them, no hassles. After a while, that died down (you can read some of the old ones at, and I would only write about significant events or revelations, so as to keep a simple scrapbook of memories that I could refer to, and reflect upon at a later time.

Recently, many of my friends (dancrench and cswallow) have joined the LiveJournal ranks, and I've been bumming around, reading their journals. It was cool and intresting, and a good conversation starter (among other things), so I began to consider starting my own account (as conformist as it sounds, and I hate conforming, especially when it's done consciously).

Anyway, today, my youngest brother (all three of who are older then me, make sense?) Misha went away to college (UC Davis). Thus, I have the room and the computer all to myself, to do with as I please. So, after reading some more entries, I decided to sign up and join the fun. I guess this is kinda of like a way for me to stay in touch with Mike, too. That's my long story about how I got here (now, this, in itself, is a conversation starter, as i am talking to phil, dan, and crystal about it, as I type this. [enough commas?]) Gonna post this real quick, and then go back and edit it

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