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The practical and the ideological

An Unreasonable Man
To start off with the latter: on Friday, after dinner with Robert and Julia at Zachary’s, we went to a screening of An Unreasonable Man - which filled the gap in my knowledge of Ralph Nader between Unsafe at Any Speed / Nader’s Raiders and the 2000 election. Fascinating balanced documentary. You can still see it this week, but it’ll only be around the theatres a short while.

The practical: After getting lunch with Robert and Jon on Saturday, I got the chance to hear recent UCSB alum Logan Green talk about Zimride, this new cool webapp he’s just put together. Carpooling made easy and safe. Here’s what it looks like: zimride - carpooling made easy

Zimride integrates with facebook, so you actually get to know something about your potential drivers/hitchers, and they might even end up being someone you know! Moreover, you can advertise your ride via those facebook stalker feeds.

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