Paul Ivanov (pavelthegeek) wrote,
Paul Ivanov

My first foray into the production of motion pictures

I want to thank Curt Siffert for granting me permission to use his song “All Aboard (v2)” which you can download (for free) here. This is the first video1 I’ve ever made, but I’ve wanted to make films for as long as I’ve been writing2 (even before Sally said “Hey guys, I’m going to make movies!” and then did), so I’m glad I’ve finally started.

I put this together for a video contest here at I-house. You can see all of the videos for the contest here, the winner was Life At I-House, A Glimpse by KirstyandEliana.

  1. yes, okay, it’s more of a slideshow with an intro, but my brother Mike told me that Ken Burns would be proud []
  2. creatively, which would be 1999 - warning: link contains some extremely cheesy content, including an early version of what evolved into this journal []

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Tags: berkeley, cinelerra, curt siffert, i-house, ihouse, people
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