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Paul Ivanov's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Paul Ivanov

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Hey! We're in Omaha! [23 Aug 2003|12:13pm]
Well, we spent the first night in Salt Lake City, UT (crazy place). We arrived really late because we took a detour in Nevada to try to find a ghost-town (it was marked as a ghost town on the map, with no direct road going to it). We found a bunch of dirt roads, but could only find one abandoned building. It got dark, and Yanika freaked out because she thought we were lost (good thing Jon was driving, and I was navigating, can't go wrong with that).

I drove us out of beautiful Utah and through the first bit of WY. The stop was at Laramie, WY, saw the campus a bit, and found the Wal-Mart supercenter (where 5/5 people did not wash their hands after using the bathroom). From Utah through Wyomming, there were these slanted triangularly supported fences right by the road, and we kept trying to develop theories as to what they could be for -- no definitive answer so far, and we kept forgetting to ask the locals!!!

Last night was spent at a KOA (camping-lite / diet camping) outside of Cheyenne, WY. Once again, I started the morning drive, it's cool, we've got a set driver rotation going, all professional. The detour today was two fold, one into Shelton, NE because the gas light came on (Shelton was a few nervous miles off I-80... but there WAS a REAL tank there... as some kind of war museum monument, or something like that). The second was a planned one into Friend, NE (pop 1111), 12 miles off I-80, where we enjoyed a fine In The Hole meal (cute downtown, railroad town, newspaper clippings coming). Oh yea, and this cool guy made my day today: we're passing him, and notice he's got keys stuck in the trunk, dangiling around, so as we come up to his window, we all start screaming and pointing to the back in a concerned manner at which point he turns to us, Cool Hand Luke style, and winks! Man, I wonder how many people he's gotten with that! It's so great! (Sure beats the less cool "Iowa or Bust" sign on the back of our van)

Tomorrow afternoon we'll get to Grinnel, IA, where the girls go to school: we'll spend the night there, and then head back (just Jon and I are coming back) on 20 (to see Mt Rushmore, Yellowstone, Tetons, all firsts for Jon and I)

Lots of pictures and more detailed stories coming soon.

Happy Birthday to Jamie!
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